About me

HI I’M Hellada
Stasinoglou. An artist AND DESIGNER!

My name is Hellada Stasinoglou (Hellada means Greece). I am a multimedia artist and I like to create art works for the public space.

I made Stasis Hellas App on the occasion of the 200 years (1821-2021)  since the Revolution that led to the creation of modern Greek state. 

This is not a historical project but rather an artistic endeavor with satirical overtones.

Relax and have fun. Open your horizons, feel my truth.

What I do?

Discover and share what makes Greece such a special part of the world, especially nowadays.

Download the application for free and use it to place and interact with the artworks.
Then capture it in a stunning photo or video and share it with family and friends.

B a c k T o T o p B a c k T o T o p